English representatives have stop their Baghdad international safe haven after a “credible threat” of attack
The team, driven by head of mission Chris Segar, cleared the building after Tuesday’s truck bombarding of the UN base camp in Baghdad which murdered 23 individuals counting top UN emissary Sergio Vieira de Mello
The group, which incorporates security monitors what’s more, contract workers, are presently remaining at the coalition temporary specialist (CPA) HQ in the city, the Remote Office confirmed
The compound is intensely protected by thousands of US troops, The Times reported
A Remote Office official said: “We gotten data what’s more, along these lines moved the staff to the security of the CPA
“They are still there now ”
The departure comes as England what’s more, the US are looking for to increment the number of nations contributing troops to Iraq
Foreign Secretary Jack Straw has called the impact a “wake up call” to the world what’s more, recommended a new UN determination ahead of his visit to the organisation’s New York headquarters
But Secretary General Kofi Annan cautioned it would be “very difficult” to pass a new determination extending military powers unless the UN is given a more extensive role