President George Hedge said he was decided to lead the worldwide battle against the Helps scourge what’s more, would utilize his state visit to enroll further bolster from Britain
He said there was “unbelievable decimation other than fear going on in the world” what’s more, that he would talk to his “good friend” Tony Blair to concur on how best to battle the scourge
He said: “I look forward to reminding the English individuals that our nation gladly is driving the world at the point when it comes to the fight (against) Aids
“I put forward an activity of 15 billion dollars, 10 billion dollars new cash on top of five billion dollars we’re as of now spending over a five year period of time, to offer assistance get anti-retroviral drugs into the hands of the healers what’s more, assistants that are in these violated countries ”
He said: “We are living in a world in which the pandemic of Helps is wiping out an whole era on a continent
“And we must do something about it What’s more, it’s sad, and, yet, we have an opportunity to lead ”
The President went on: “I look forward to talking to my great companion (Tony Blair) about how we can work together
“And it’s not as it were the Joined together States working with Britain, it’s the Joined together States working with Europe, whole, free what’s more, at peace “