The staff and team on-board your voyage work their hardest to ensure you have your fantasy occasion. While you will see many staff on-board in the bars, eateries and on-deck, there are many staff that work in the background to make your journey consummate. To demonstrate your gratefulness to the staff and team, you will more often than not be charge tips which you can pre-pay or pay with the last adjust after your journey. Here is a speedy manual for how tipping installed your journey send deals with a portion of the significant voyage lines.

Imperial Caribbean

With Imperial Caribbean you can mastermind to pre-pay your tips before you set out on the ship – this permits you to unwind and have a ball without thinking about tipping staff. Organizing this should be possible on the web or through us while paying the adjust for your journey – along these lines of tipping additionally for the most part works out less expensive.


P&O right now charge GBP5.50 per visitor (over age 12) every day for tips to guarantee all group individuals are decently compensated for their administration. It is impractical to pre-pay tips with P&O so the last tips cost will be added to your bill. However this choice is intentional and tips can be considered at the Front counter on-load up whenever.

Big name Travels

For client accommodation, Big name Travels naturally include tips for eating and stateroom administrations to your on-board SeaPass account. These tips are accessible to be paid ahead of time before you set out on your journey. The costs charged can likewise be adjusted at your watchfulness on the off chance that you feel you have encountered outstanding administration.

Norwegian Journey Line

All visitors more seasoned than 3 years pay tips on-board a NCL voyage – these expenses can be paid ahead of time for your benefit. In the event that you pick not to pre-pay tips they will be charged to your on-board account.

Jamboree Travels

For your benefit, prescribed tips are added to all visitors Sail & Sign records on embarkation day. At your tact, you can alter tips whenever while on-board by connecting with Visitor Administrations.

Tips can likewise be paid ahead of time at the season of booking or at whatever time up to the sail date. All visitors over the age of 2 must pay the set tips cost.

Fred Olsen

Tips at Fred Olsen are excluded in the cost of your vacation, and are charged to your on-board account. For the most part they are set at GBP4.00 per individual (above age 12) every day. Tips on-board Fred Olsen are deliberate and can be balanced or expelled at Visitor Benefits on-board the ship.


An every day benefit charge is included to your board represent the administration you will get while on-board. Then again it can be paid ahead of time and added to the cost of your journey when booking.

Princess Travels

A tip charge is included to your board account regularly. A 15% tip is added to your bar charge and in eateries. Tips are included at your tact in the gambling club and in the spa.


Bar bills incorporate a 15% tip charge and an optional charge will be included to your board account day by day. This can be expelled or balanced at the boats front counter.

Holland America

There is a 15% tip charge added to bar bills when purchasing wine in the on-board eateries. A day by day benefit charge will likewise be included to your last board account charge.

This is a portion from Vision Voyage’s ‘The Journey Direct’. The journey guide is a free online manual for cruising.