M2 Lighting Arrangements, LLC now offers the main ever EZ-SNAP Connector to the El Wire industry. The EZ-SNAP Connector is a genuine distinct advantage and opens up a radical new universe of potential outcomes that were recently not accessible some time recently.

M2 Lighting Arrangements, LLC likewise know as ThatsCoolWire.com now acquires its aptitude the El Wire field with the EZ-SNAP Connector which tackled the issue of going through 12 stages to associate El Wire to a connector down to only three stages. Notwithstanding lessening the quantity of steps the EZ-SNAP Connector wiped out fastening, warm weapons and therapist tubing.

“No Other item can do what the EZ-SNAP Connector does and the genuine favorable position is it is so natural to utilize anybody can now work with El Wire without knowing how to patch,” said Andrew Lytwyn, M2 Lightings, LLC President and Chief. “El Wire clients would prefer not to patch or need to utilize a warmth gut to dissolve recoil tubing and experience 12 stages just to associate El Wire to a connector. Presently simply strip the finish of the el wire and place into the EZ-SNAP Connector and SNAP close.”

M2 Lighting Arrangements, LLC situated in Houston, TX was established in 2005.