A Palestinian lady wrapped in explosives blew herself up in a beachfront eatery mainstream with Bedouins what’s more, Jews, murdering 19 bystanders, counting four children
The assault incited new requests in Israel to “remove” Palestinian pioneer Yasser Arafat
The assault on Saturday lunchtime, one of the deadliest in three a long time of violence, came in spite of strict military insurances a day some time recently the begin of Yom Kippur, the holiest day on the Jewish calendar
Israeli helicopters assaulted in two places in Gaza in obvious countering for the bombing No causalities were detailed in either strike In Gaza City, rockets struck a small, exhaust house, while in the Boureij displaced person camp, the Israelis directed the house of an Islamic Jihad leader, yet inhabitants said he escaped
The military said it directed two Hamas weapons caches
Fearing another strike, Palestinian authorities claimed to worldwide go betweens to guarantee Arafat’s safety
Israeli Prime Serve Ariel Sharon called his guides for an crisis meeting last night The bad habit premier, Ehud Olmert, said Israel faces extreme choices and, in the event that necessary, would convey them out in any case of worldwide opinion “The world will have to acknowledge our decisions,” Olmert said The meeting kept going three hours what’s more, no choices were announced
Despite a Bureau choice last month to “remove” Arafat at an unspecified time, Israel might bashful away removing the Palestinian pioneer since of solid U S opposition Israel might settle for a lesser step, such as fixing Arafat’s detachment at his battle-scarred West Bank headquarters, to which he has been restricted for almost two years
An Israeli Remote Service official said the next two days would be significant for the survival of a U S -backed peace plan, recommending Israel might not take any prompt uncommon action
Arafat censured the assault what’s more, said it jeopardized Palestinian interests Approaching Palestinian Prime Serve Ahmed Qureia called Haifa Chairman Yona Yahav to express his condolences

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