A healing facility nurture has showed up in court charged with the endeavored kill of five of her previous patients
Barbara Patricia Salisbury, 47, who worked at Leighton Healing center in Crewe, showed up quickly at South Cheshire Magistrates’ Court in the town
There she confronted charges of endeavoring to kill James Byrne, 76, on or, on the other hand about May 18, 1999; Reuben Thompson, 81, between February 22 what’s more, Walk 14, 2002; Frances May Taylor, 88, on Walk 21, 2002; Forthcoming Owen, 92, on Walk 31, 2002, what’s more, Bertram David Maidley, 76, on April 28, 2002
All five have since died, a police representative said
Salisbury was discharged on restrictive safeguard to return at the court on June 24
An arrange was made by judges forbidding the distribution of Salisbury’s address, police added

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