A journal penned by on-screen character Richard Burton at the stature of his popularity has been stolen from the BBC, it was uncovered today
Detectives are exploring the burglary of the journal which had been kept in a organizer in a creation office at Tv Focus in White City, west London
It had been loaned to the BBC by the late Hollywood star’s dowager Sally Burton what’s more, was utilized in the making of a later Notorieties programme
The journal records his individual musings in 1965, the year after he hitched Elizabeth Taylor for the to begin with time
It was among a accumulation of things loaned to the BBC by Mrs Burton, 53, for the making of the program prior this year
The BBC had the things for two weeks what’s more, at that point returned them to Mrs Burton’s home in west London on Walk 20
Mrs Burton went on occasion what’s more, as it were figured it out three months afterward that the journal was missing
A seek of workplaces demonstrated unbeneficial what’s more, the BBC called in police
A BBC representative said: “We can affirm that we did have Richard Burton’s journal which we acquired to look into the Notorieties programme
“It is presently missing what’s more, our inner examinations division is looking in to it
“The plausibility that it has been stolen is a solid one
“We haven’t given up trust of recuperating it what’s more, we have been co-operating with the police over this matter
“We have communicated our profound lament to Sally Burton over an thing of wistful esteem to her what’s more, of authentic esteem generally
“It was kept in a cabinet in a generation office That organizer was lockable ”
A Scotland Yard representative said: “Hammersmith CID are exploring an affirmation of robbery of records which were in the ownership of the BBC
“The asserted robbery was revealed to police by the BBC on July 25 ”
Burton passed on in 1984 matured 58

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