A seek of the range where adolescent Jodi Jones was killed has fizzled to reveal a weapon, police said today
Teams of officers have been brushing a pathway what’s more, adjacent forest what’s more, fields on the edges of Dalkeith, Midlothian, where the body of the 14-year-old was found 18 days ago
Detectives have been seeking for the cut or, on the other hand “similar weapon” utilized by Jodi’s killer
A representative said a exhaustive physical what’s more, measurable seek of the range had been conveyed out
Police have taken away handfuls of tests from vegetation what’s more, soil for lab analysis
Officers are trusting the tests may have follows which will lead them to the killer
As a result of the look ending, the Roman Dyke pathway where Jodi’s body was found has been revived to the public
The adolescent was slaughtered in a savage what’s more, merciless assault as she went to meet her 14-year-old beau on Monday June 30

Her body was found by relatives after she fizzled to return home
Detectives are still holding up for a leap forward in the case, in spite of broad inquiries
They need a man to come forward who was seen by two autonomous witnesses strolling behind Jodi close her home on the night she died
Earlier this week, Jodi’s mother claimed in a articulation for anybody who knew the executioner of her little girl to come forward
Around 40 officers working on the case have gotten hundreds of calls from individuals of the public

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