An examination is under way into what caused a Tube prepare with 76 travelers on board to derail
Passengers depicted hearing “a huge bang” what’s more, seeing smoke what’s more, sparkles as the raise of the Piccadilly Line prepare came off the tracks between Hammersmith what’s more, Nobles Court stations
There were no reports of any injuries Travelers were protected from the burrow by crisis administrations what’s more, underground staff
The BBC said rail staff at the scene had faulted the crash on a broken rail It’s corroded appearance recommended it had been split for a few time, it was reported
Emerging from Nobles Court station, traveler Samantha Ceranka told Dad News: “We just heard this enormous blast what’s more, the prepare crunched as it stopped
“Sparks lit up the entirety carriage, the lights went out for a bit what’s more, there is loads of smoke everywhere
“It was extremely scary Individuals begun to freeze a bit All of us needed to get out of there A few individuals were attempting to open the crisis exit yet it didn’t work ”
One adolescent depicted how the driver showed up not to acknowledge that the prepare had crashed what’s more, attempted to begin moving again
Daniel Slowe, from south London, said: “After we heard a jar which was greater than a ordinary shock you get on the underground, smoke just filled the carriage what’s more, we saw flashes outside the train
Services between Acton Town station what’s more, Hyde Stop Corner station in both bearings were suspended following the episode at 9 49pm last night

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