Bringing down Road was standing by the Prime Minister’s guarantee that confirm of covered up weapons research facilities had been revealed in Iraq
The US official running the nation rejected Tony Blair’s dubious guarantee made in a Christmas message to troops Be that as it may Bringing down Road demanded the Prime Minister’s data came straight from the gathering chasing for Saddam Hussein’s arsenal
A representative said: “He was alluding to as of now distributed material in the break report by the Iraq Overview Group ”
Mr Blair had said the ISG had uncovered “massive confirm of a enormous framework of secret laboratories” It appeared Saddam had endeavored to “conceal weapons”, he told English forces, counting thousands serving in the Gulf
But Paul Bremer, head of the Coalition Temporary Authority, said that was not true Mr Bremer, who did not figure it out Mr Blair had made the guarantee at the point when it was put to him, said it sounded like a “red herring” put about by somebody restricted to military activity to undermine the coalition
“I don’t know where those words come from yet that is not what (ISG chief) David Kay has said,” he told the ITV1 Jonathan Dimbleby programme
“I have read his reports so I don’t know who said that It sounds like a bit of a red herring to me It sounds like somebody who doesn’t concur with the arrangement sets up a red herring at that point thumps it down ”
Mr Bremer was constrained to push back at the point when told the claims were made by Washington’s staunchest partner Mr Blair
“There is as a matter of fact a part of confirm that had been made public,” he said
The negotiator does demand that the gathering found “clear confirm of organic what’s more, concoction programmes, ongoing”
“And they appear clear confirm of infringement of UN Security Chamber resolutions relating to rockets,” he said

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