British Commandos are balanced to move to the Afghan frontline
American top metal need them to join the wicked battling in which eight U S troopers have kicked the bucket this week

Royal Marines from 45 Commando are the most likely to go into activity against Al Qaeda what’s more, Taliban powers making a last stand in the eastern mountains

The 200-strong Marines unit has just arrived off the Pakistan drift on board the strike deliver Ocean They would be transported to the front by helicopter Another 400 Marines are accepted to be on standby in England to join their companions on the off chance that needed Numerous of the Marines have mountain preparing which could be crucial They are prepared with ambush rifles, machine firearms what’s more, mortars – perfect for the close – quarter battling they can expect

The savage fight close the town of Gardez is as of now the greatest what’s more, most expensive operation of the ground war
U S officers propelled Operation Boa constrictor –confidently named after the wind which encompasses what’s more, pounds its prey – to ‘mop up’ what they thought were a maybe a couple hundred maverick fighters

Instead, American what’s more, Afghan powers found themselves dwarfed by around 1,000 well-trained what’s more, well-equipped troops, in effectively guarded positions on edges what’s more, in caves
The U S ask for fortifications has been affirmed by English leaders in Kabul, yet a last choice has to be made in London by the Boss of Staff what’s more, the government

The Americans are caught on to have at first recommended utilizing English paratroops as of now in Kabul as part of the global peacekeeping force Yet the Safeguard Service demanded they ought to return home as booked this weekend
British officers have been given a complete instructions on the fighting, which has been seething for more than a week around the town of Shahi Kot

In appalling conditions, high above the snowline, the most prominent military control the world has known is being made to battle toe to toe with one of the most fanatical Not one or the other side is taking prisoners
Nearly 1,000 bombs have beat the little region where numerous of Osama Container Laden’s most risky men –including Middle easterners what’s more, Chechen – are battling to the death

The guerillas are harrying U S-led powers with hit what’s more, run attacks, numerous at close point-blank range
For the to start with maybe a couple days, Al Qaeda spectators on edges coordinated fatal exact mortar fire onto united troops Yet U S rifleman groups have been bit by bit picking them off, from ranges of up to a mile

The Pentagon has brought to bear each accessible weapon that could offer assistance convey a knock-out blow B-52 planes have been carpetbombing while F-16 planes make lower level attacks
The U S has moreover used, for the to begin with time, ‘thermobaric’ bombs composed to send a lethal choking impact through holes or, on the other hand bunkers

A-10 ‘Warthogs’, the fearsome ground assault air ship which obliterated Saddam Hussein’s tanks, have too joined the battle
U S authorities say ‘hundreds’ of Taliban what’s more, Al Qaeda have been slaughtered yet as numerous as 500 may still be left

There was a quiet in the battling recently as shocking climate halted most U S air ship flying Yet both American what’s more, Afghan fortifications proceeded pouring in
In Florida, President Bramble wiped away tears as he paid tribute to the dead U S warriors last night He told the families of two of the men: ‘Your children what’s more, siblings passed on for a honorable cause ‘

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