Canadian craftsman & musician Ensh is separating imaginative dividers by and by with the arrival of his most up to date single “Sex Twisting.” As a craftsman that avoids standard propensities, Ensh is never reluctant to nimbly move past melodic generalizations and puts forth intense expressions by means of effective symbolism and reflective verses. The provocative new music video for “Sexual orientation Bowing” is presently accessible to see on the web and debuted a week ago by means of Clear television.

Ensh has lived and gone far and wide, and as of late moved back to the Toronto zone to further his chances in the music business. “Sexual orientation Twisting” is a “thought on dangerous manliness/patriarchy and so forth” says Ensh. Since the arrival of his first EP Belgrade, Ensh has kept on developing his music, symbolism and melodious impact. “Sex Bowing” is the first of numerous new tracks being penned for his 2017 EP, and will be the follow-up to his 2016 collection Them two Milenko.

Between living in either Toronto or Belgrade, Serbia, Ensh has continually visited and played striking celebrations including Dev9t, Electric Excursion Celebration and the honor winning Way out Celebration. Impacted by some of today’s most varied craftsmen, Ensh will effectively inspire devotees of Bjork, Depeche Mode and Demise Grasps. His live shows and music are completely electric, with profound bass, whimsical symbolism and irresistible, yet flighty snares all through his sets.

“Sexual orientation Twisting” and the music video are currently live by means of Youtube, Spotify and most online retailers. Ensh has numerous US and worldwide visit dates declared in support of the single and his current collection Them two Milenko underneath.

Watch the music video for “Sexual orientation Bowing”

Tune in to new single “Sexual orientation Bowing”

Up and coming US & Worldwide Visit Dates:

03/04 – Manchester, NH @ Lodge Bar & Flame broil

03/08 – Cambridge, Mama @ Center East – Corner

03/09 – Philadelphia, Dad @ The Trocadero (LNS 10 year commemoration)

03/11 – Brooklyn, NY @ Army Bar

03/12 – Baltimore, MD @ The Windup Space w/Outcalls

03/16 – Toronto, ON @ The�Smiling Buddha w/Nitwit and New Kils

05/05�-Vienna, Austria @ AU

05/06�-Grac, Austria @ Sun

05/12�-Zagreb, Croatia @ Klub

05/13�-Split, Croatia @ Judino Drvo

05/18�-Belgrade, Serbia @ Elektropionir

05/19�-Novi Miserable, Serbia @ B-612

05/26�-Sarajevo, Bosnia @ Kriterion

05/27�-Mostar, Bosnia @ OKC Abrasevic

About Ensh:

In the wake of cutting his teeth on various tasks in his supportive Toronto and apparently achieving a melodic, and individual impasse; Ensh dropped everything and came back to his origination of Belgrade, Serbia. Freely discharging both his presentation EP, ‘Belgrade’, and sophomore EP, “Them two Milenko”, Ensh took the street playing all over Europe and the UK in scenes, bars, squats and displays, and additionally a few celebration dates including, Dev9t, the honor winning Way out Celebration, and Ireland’s prestigious Electric Cookout celebration.

After at first setting out the preparation for the venture in his nation of origin, Ensh relocated back to his supportive Toronto to additionally fulfill his visiting wants and fortify his move to the highest point of the option scene. Affected by sundry craftsmen going from Bjork to Depeche Mode – and in addition more contemporary specialists, for example, Demise Grasps – Ensh is presently dazzling groups of onlookers in North America with a bass-filled, capricious and drawing in live show joined by a sui generis way to deal with popular music.

Ensh’s most recent single, the socially-charged, “Sex Bowing”, is accessible wherever on the web and will be included on the forthcoming EP, set to be discharged summer 2017.

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