Chris Woodhead’s fall from his telling position as Boss Overseer of Schools was dramatic
He surrendered in the midst of a firestorm of proficient feedback what’s more, industrious charges of sexual impropriety, serial womanizing what’s more, being untruthful about the age of a youthful understudy he fell in adore with

But presently – at 55 – Woodhead needs to put the record straight, what’s more, in doing so he takes a robust swipe at Tony Blair, Training Secretary Estelle Morris what’s more, her antecedent David Blunkett what’s more, moreover uncovers his close fellowship with Ruler Charles – as well as all about the ladies in his life

A agreeable man he is not: gruffness brought him down, what’s more, it is reared in his bones

Woodhead has continuously needed schoolchildren to be educated to read, compose what’s more, do sums He doesn’t like in vogue educating techniques or, on the other hand headteacherswho spend more time at meetings than in their school
He too accepts pointless educators ought to be sacked Since he has spent all his working life included with education, his voice what’s more, conclusions are well worth tuning in to

These sees turned him into a abhor figure for a few individuals in the instructive establishment, especially those who disdain his request on customary instructing methods

Eventually, it progressed toward becoming as well much of an tough battle – indeed for Woodhead, whose boss leisure activity is shake climbing He felt that he no longer needed to bolster the Government, so he surrendered as Boss Overseer a year ago

He has presently composed a crushing book, Class War: The State Of English Training in which

he explains his speculations on the training system It will be serialized in the Mail next week

His investigation is sharp, centered what’s more, once in a while terrifying His arrangements to the issues are radical

Yet while his conclusions on training appear sound what’s more, sensible, the same can’t continuously be said for his choices in matters of the heart

In January 1999, a embarrassment emitted around his undertaking in the Seventies with a previous pupil, Amanda Johnston He was hitched at the time with an 11-month-old daughter, Tamsin Eventually, he cleared out his wife At that point he what’s more, Amanda lived together for nine years

Woodhead initially demanded that they didn’t get together until after she’d cleared out school Be that as it may two months after the story to start with broke, his previous wife, Cathy, said this wasn’t true

Her allegations what’s more, the wave of attention were mostly capable for the break-up of his ten-year relationship with Ruth Miskin, one of the country’s best essential school teachers

‘I do like women, yet I am obviously not exceptionally great at relationships,’ he concedes Or maybe coyly ‘I’m coming to the conclusion that it’s maybe better for me to live on my own ‘

He lives in a five-bedroom house in Porthmadog, North Wales It is half a mile down a track, midway up a mountain what’s more, in a perfect world put for strolling what’s more, climbing

The incredible thing about climbing is that at the point when you are doing it, nothing else matters,’ he says ‘I spent last end of the week there what’s more, didn’t see anybody until Sunday night It didn’t stress me

‘I’m not simple to live with I can be selfish, unshakable what’s more, impatient I wake up at 4 30am what’s more, am tired by 9pm Not everybody could adapt with that Yet I can’t compromise

‘I’m moreover depleted by social contact what’s more, would regularly Or maybe tune in to a Beethoven or, then again Shostakovitch CD ‘

Like most climbers, Woodhead favors life to be in dark what’s more, white terms He is not a truly man Nor is he perplexed to take dangers – qualities that would scarcely charm him to woolly-minded educationalists or, then again individuals of the Work Government

He felt he had no alternative yet to resign ‘Not as it were did I accept I was trading off my possess views, I moreover felt that Tony Blair what’s more, David Blunkett, at that point Instruction Secretary, were utilizing me to suggest that they were genuine about instruction standards, while in reality they were attempting to undermine me

‘I have move toward becoming completely baffled with Tony Blair It’s pitiful since at the point when we to start with met in 1997, he truly awed me I thought here was a man who wasn’t just going to talk about change be that as it may would have the fearlessness to convey it through Instead, there has been a parcel of commotion what’s more, just one wacky activity after another

‘Despite the millions of pounds of taxpayers’ cash that has been spent, valuable little has been done Blair is beguiling what’s more, amicable yet clearly frail what’s more, two-faced He has a inclination to concur with whoever he is talking to

‘The one thing I appreciate about him was picking to send his children to The Rhetoric School, the most customary school in London It appears that, like me, he feels a customary training is best, what’s more, put his duties as a father some time recently his picture as a politician

‘But there is a expansive hole between what he does for his youngsters what’s more, what he is permitting to be done to other people’s children ‘

As for Blunkett: ‘Deep down I think he accepts in order, proficiency what’s more, numeracy, yet I kept telling him his activities weren’t working what’s more, he came to think of me as a thistle in his flesh

‘Estelle Morris is ineffective, simple what’s more, needs the fearlessness to seize the issues what’s more, battle for genuine changes in education Can you accept that she as of late declined to recognize that Shakespeare was of more prominent esteem than the new Pop Idol, Will Young?

‘Nor is there any enthusiasm at the point when she speaks At slightest David Blunkett talked with conviction ‘

Woodhead doesn’t mince words ‘I’ve continuously said what I thought what’s more, it has regularly got me into trouble,’ he concedes with a smile

He is tall what’s more, thin with a schoolboy fringe He talks fast, compellingly what’s more, smoothly about education, practically as in the event that conveying a well-polished lecture

But at the point when inquired about his individual life, he falters what’s more, chuckles Or maybe like an immature schoolboy gotten with a top-shelf magazine

An as it were youngster who never needed siblings what’s more, sisters, he was brought up in South London by his bookkeeper father what’s more, school secretary mother

He gone to Wallington Sentence structure School in Surrey what’s more, spent most occasions cycling what’s more, running on his own He concedes that he wasn’t an perfect pupil

‘Between the ages of 13 what’s more, 15, I was continuously getting into inconvenience for boisterousness what’s more, insubordination – so much so that everybody said I would fall flat all my O-levels ‘

It was just the sort of challenge he needed ‘I was sustained up what’s more, needed to demonstrate them wrong, so I started to work what’s more, passed all ten ‘

He needed to read English at Cambridge, yet fizzled the Latin paper, at that point a standard requirement

Instead, he went to Bristol College where he got a 2:1 in English ‘and the prize for the best English paper on Shakespeare’ This was taken after by a postgraduate testament in education

At Bristol he met Cathy, his future wife, moreover a sharp climber They hitched in 1970 what’s more, Woodhead started his profession as an English teacher

His marriage foundered, however, what’s more, about six months after their as it were youngster was conceived in 1975, Woodhead told his spouse he needed to move out

But Cathy recommended she take their little girl to Australia to see her sister what’s more, give him a possibility to sort himself out While in Australia she had what she portrayed as ‘a fling’ with another man

When she returned to England a year later, Woodhead told her he was having an undertaking with a previous understudy what’s more, the marriage was over

He had instructed Amanda at A-level at the point when head of English at Gordano School in Portishead, Somerset Woodhead says they met once more a year or, on the other hand so afterward at the point when she was 19 what’s more, he was 30 what’s more, a teacher in Oxford

‘It was an colossally critical relationship what’s more, I have no regrets It broke up after nine a long time since she wasn’t getting a charge out of her job, got exhausted what’s more, felt there was a better life for her elsewhere ‘

He pauses, a vomited trouble crosses his confront what’s more, just for once he is lost for words

‘I battled to keep it going yet there came a point, just as there did at the point when I was Boss Inspector, where I had to confront up to reality that it wasn’t going to work out

‘I don’t fault Amanda She was living in my shadow as well much There was moreover a huge age gap We have remained in touch on what’s more, off ‘

In the meantime, Woodhead got his to begin with work on the national scene as appointee boss official of the National Educational programs Council In September 1994 he was designated Boss Overseer of Schools by the at that point Prime Serve John Major His post was embraced at the point when Tony Blair took over in 1997

Woodhead delighted in explaining his regularly radical thoughts what’s more, had no thought of the timebomb holding up at the point when he replied a question from a understudy at Essex College in January 1999 about regardless of whether instructors who had sexual relations with understudies had any put in the training system

He started by saying it was completely off-base for a educator to have sex with a minor

Then, crucially, he included that a instructor shouldn’t consequently be drummed out of the calling for doing so what’s more, that it could be ‘educative’ for both parties

His reaction was passed to a daily paper what’s more, all for hell’s sake was let loose The National Affiliation of Headteachers called for his acquiescence what’s more, anybody with a resentment against him saw the perfect opportunity to tear him to shreds – both professionally what’s more, personally

Today, Woodhead says he was insusceptible from such vitriol what’s more, all the other proficient assaults on him ‘I have never felt that the contentions put against me stack up

‘But I kick myself that I didn’t figure it out I was being set up I wasn’t saying teacher-pupil connections were justifiable, just that individuals make botches yet can learn from them ‘

Shortly afterwards, his previous spouse Cathy, against the wishes of their little girl (now a teacher), openly expressed he was lying about the date at the point when his undertaking began, that Amanda had been still at school what’s more, that Woodhead had indeed recommended a menage á trois

‘I totally did not,’ he insists, including with a brief smile: ‘I find it troublesome enough to live with one woman To attempt to live with two is to welcome finish disaster I didn’t get included with Amanda at the point when she was at school

‘But I abhorred Cathy spilling the beans It was terrible that she still felt so sharp 20 a long time after we broke up ‘

Perhaps the episode disrupted him more than he cares to admit Especially as it corresponded with the acknowledgment that he could no longer work with the Work Government

‘I thought about leaving as Boss Overseer for about 18 months,’ he says

He indeed talked about the matter with Ruler Charles ‘We’d met at the point when he welcomed me to a supper at Highgrove in the mid-1990s,’ he explains ‘We appeared to be exceptionally much on the same wavelength what’s more, have related since

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