England footballer Jamie Carragher could confront indictment after tossing a coin back at match supporters amid a match

The Liverpool player was about to take a free kick amid an FA Glass tie with Armory yesterday, broadcast live by the BBC, at the point when he was hit by a coin tossed from the crowd

He picked it up what’s more, tossed it back into the stand at Arsenal’s Highbury ground in North London, what’s more, was sent off by the referee-A Scotland Yard representative said: ‘We are exploring an episode which happened at Highbury I can’t run the show out charges ‘

There has been a later increment in rockets being tossed at players, what’s more, Liverpool collaborator supervisor Phil Thompson cautioned that it was as it were a matter of time some time recently somebody was truly injured

‘You can’t have these occurrences that are going on up what’s more, down the country,’ said Thompson ‘But not one or the other can Jamie do what he did Two wrongs do not make a right, what’s more, I have told him so

‘He let himself down, he let his team-mates down what’s more, he let the club down in doing that

‘Whether or, on the other hand not Jamie is trained by the club is a private matter ‘

Millions of watchers missed the end of the match, which Armory won 1-0, at the point when BBC transmission was thumped out by a specialized blame for a few minutes

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