England is to send an additional 1,000 troops to Iraq promptly what’s more, may send further fortifications once a audit of powers in the Bay is complete,
Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon declared today
He said there was an “immediate requirement” for two battalions, in addition extra pro work force what’s more, equipment, to go to the UK’s range of operations in the south of the country, around Basra
The quick arrangement will come from the 2nd Regiment The Light Infantry, a organization of which has as of now been exchanged to Iraq from their base in Cyprus, what’s more, 1st Regiment The Illustrious Green Jackets
Mr Hoon, in a composed Lodge statement, said a full audit of compel quality was under way what’s more, “the full scale of the necessity has however to be developed”
Mr Hoon said the Light Infantry would be included in “supporting current operations, what’s more, in advertising extra security to the Coalition Temporary Authority”
They would be supplanted in Cyprus by two batteries from 16 Regiment Illustrious Artillery, acting as an “over the horizon” – or, on the other hand standby – save for Iraq
The Illustrious Green Coats will work to increment compel insurance for coalition troops, offer assistance prepare the Iraqi Common Safeguard Corps what’s more, “improve our information-gathering capacity”

They will be supplanted as the UK’s Lead Arrive Component by 42 Illustrious Commando
The Protection Secretary said: “We design to keep up the organization of these units until around November, giving an between time capacity to our commandants in theatre Extra units would convey to supplant them in theater in the event that the prerequisite remained
“We design for a few of the parts continuously to be directed by Iraqi personnel “

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