Figures discharged today were anticipated to appear the Government on course to meet its target of dividing the number of refuge applications by September
Yesterday Home Secretary David Blunkett said he was “very confident” that the numbers would illustrate that the Government was on target
His remarks came as he joined Prime Serve Tony Blair in propelling plans to expand the utilize of biometric ID chips on visas for entering the UK
A pilot conspire utilizing biometrics – which utilize fingerprints, iris or, on the other hand facial acknowledgment information contained in a microchip – has as of now been propelled in Sri Lanka
Mr Blunkett, talking on a visit to an shelter preparing focus in Croydon, south London, said the conspire would presently be rolled out over the world
On the application figures, Mr Blunkett said: “The figures we are distributing will put us immovably on track to meet the target to divide the number of claims in September thought about with inadmissibly high levels in October last year ”
He added: “I should be exceptionally frustrated to be sure in the event that we haven’t proceeded to make the gigantic advance we have made prior in the year
“We ought to be down by nearly half from the last part of 2002 That will set us in prepare to meet the Prime Minister’s responsibility in September
“Making the kind of advance we have made as of now is a matter for celebration ”
Mr Blair has guaranteed to cut the number of shelter applications by 50% by this September Priests picked October 2002 as the benchmark by which to measure the fall – a month which saw 8,900 applications, the most noteworthy on record
The figures along these lines fell 32% between the last quarter of last year what’s more, the to start with quarter of this year
Today’s Home Office figures, for the period between April what’s more, June, are likely to appear a further decrease
But the autonomous Migration Consultative Benefit (IAS) cautioned that the fall in applications could veil an increment in unlawful immigration, with individuals coming into the UK essentially going underground instead of asserting asylum

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