Hundreds of English Aviation routes travelers are enduring another day of travel wretchedness since of the proceeding delays caused by a sharp question over working practices
Around 700 individuals were holding up to clear out Heathrow Air terminal after being stranded since of interruption caused by informal strikes over the weekend
Many of the travelers spent the night in inns – paid for by BA – yet confronted another long day of lining some time recently being capable to take off London
Talks pointed at settling the push were continuing this morning be that as it may union authorities were cynical about coming to a deal
One official said that the shots of coming to an understanding were “poor”
He said: “We are going to today’s meeting more in trust than expectation ”
The official said yesterday’s day-long talks between the two sides were “extremely disappointing” what’s more, he said he could not get it why BA was squeezing ahead with presenting a new electronic timing on what’s more, off framework that has rankled check-in staff
“The position is exceedingly inflammatory,” the official added
BA reported last night it had chosen to delay presenting the new framework by 24 hours, until noon on Wednesday, so that today’s talks could go ahead

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