Illusionist David Blaine was today getting ready to set out on his hardest challenge however – spending 44 days suspended in a clear plastic box without food
The American conjurer is arranging to live in a 7ft x 7ft x 3ft box without any diversions or, on the other hand sustenance while dangling over the waterway Thames in London
Blaine’s as it were sustenance all through the six-week challenge will be water
He will be taped going into the box live at 8pm today what’s more, is due to rise on Sunday October 19 at 9pm
Despite much publicity, his death-defying accomplishment will not be perceived by the Guinness Book of Records
Compilers of the book said they would not effectively support fasting records – what’s more, guarantee the estimate of his transitory home is not as little as current record holders
They said Blaine’s past stunts were cleared out trailing by other record titles
Guinness World Records boss said they were reached by the 30-year-old mystical performer inquiring for his accomplishments to be recognised
But Guinness’s guardian of records Stewart Newport said: “We have never empowered effectively claims for the longest time to deliberately go without strong nourishment for extremely clear what’s more, self-evident reasons
“If you beat the ‘record’ what’s more, at that point bite the dust is it a fruitful attempt?” he asked
A Guinness World Records representative said: “We do wish him well with his most recent challenge, yet he has got a long way to go to beat the unbelievable Guinness record holders ”
Guinness expelled his prior accomplishments counting being covered alive what’s more, living in an ice piece since he did not beat any records

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