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Linda May knew from the age of 6 (in 1949) that she needed to be a mathematician. In 1957, the Space Age was introduced with the dispatch of Sputnik I by the Soviet Union. Accordingly, Joined States understudies were asked to go into math and science. As a major aspect of this exertion, Ms. May was chosen for a course of study called “Prologue to Rapid Advanced Calculation” introduced at her secondary school by the Relationship for Registering Hardware in 1960-1961. She went ahead to acquire a Four year education in science in Arithmetic in 1965 and an Ace of Expressions in Science in 1966 from Wake Timberland College.

From 1966 to 1971, Ms. May showed science at Kennesaw College, where she was an early client of PCs to educate analytics. In the 1970s, she progressed from collaborator to partner educator of math at Salisbury College. While her significant other, Lee, was a meeting teacher of science at Wake Timberland College in 1980, she filled in as the scholarly software engineer in the PC focus there. Around then, before many individuals had degrees in software engineering, there was a requirement for teachers like Ms. May to show PC programming. In this manner, in 1981, she started instructing both math and software engineering at Salisbury College, and from 1983 to 1985, she filled in as scholarly organizer for the school’s Bureau of PC Administrations.

Propelled degree programs in software engineering were then start to show up, however enlistment would have implied being far from her significant other and youngsters. In addition, her interests had been taking her into the field of programming designing. She put in 17 years with the College of Maryland Place for Natural Science’s Horn Point Lab, where she worked with physical and organic oceanographers as a senior workforce explore right hand for a long time and chief of data and electronic administrations for a long time. Next, Ms. May conveyed her experience and aptitudes to NASA, where she has held different positions, for example, PC researcher, programming engineer IV, and programming engineer senior expert.

Ms. May has had many astounding encounters through the span of her vocation, including being out to ocean on research vessels in the Atlantic, Pacific, and Inlet of Mexico while working with at Horn Point Lab. With NASA, she has had the chance to take a shot at and be a piece of rocket dispatches in The Frozen North, where she encountered temperatures as low as 62 degrees beneath zero. Ms. May especially delighted in flying out to Norway and Kwajalein (Marshall Islands) to bolster rocket dispatches at those spots.

Ms. May, who is a beneficiary of NASA’s Krieger Gather Security Honor, is subsidiary with the Scientific Relationship of America, the American Numerical Society, and American Mensa. She and her better half met in secondary school choir class and have been hitched since 1965. They have two girls. Ms. May’s different achievements have been included in the 66th through 70th releases of’s Who in America and the 30th through 33rd versions of’s Who On the planet.

Data about photos:

1. From the Washington, D.C. Sunday Star, January 1961

2. With an oceanographic instrument in the Pacific, 1990

3. In Territory Control Center, NASA’s Pummels Flight Office, 2008; photograph credit: ShoreWoman Magazine

4. With C-band radar radio wire, NASA’s Pummels Flight Office, 2008; photograph credit: ShoreWoman Magazine

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