Police are chasing a man who ran over what’s more, slaughtered a lady with her claim car
The man stole pharmaceutical laborer June Everitt’s top-of-the-range Renault Megane as she emptied shopping at carports behind Ridgway Road, Luton, Bedfordshire
Miss Everitt, 52, who lived alone 100 yards from the garages, was run over what’s more, passed on afterward from different injuries
Bedfordshire Police propelled a kill request what’s more, issued a countrywide claim for the dark car, enlistment number KL52 0JF
Her demise stunned occupants in the High Town range of Luton where she lived alone in a mid-terraced house
She is thought to have worked for a pharmaceutical organization in Luton what’s more, had beforehand lived with her mother
Les West, whose sister was Miss Everitt’s nearest friend, said the group was devastated
The forklift driver too uncovered that Miss Everitt had been assaulted in the zone on past occasions
“She told me some time recently it wasn’t the to begin with time she had been robbed in these garages ”
Mr West, 36, said there had been an increment in stabbings in the region as well as medicate dealing, especially in the adjacent People’s Park, provoking hypothesis that Miss Everitt’s developments may have been known to her attacker

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