Postal laborers in London are to arrange a new strike next week in a long-running push over allowances, including to a wave of mechanical distress in the capital, union pioneers reported today
Members of the Correspondence Laborers Union will walk out for 24 hours on October 16, debilitating tremendous disturbance to mail accumulations what’s more, deliveries
A strike last week cost the Illustrious Mail up to £10 million what’s more, it took five days to clear the build-up of post
The activity will correspond with a stoppage by chamber laborers in London in a discrete question
over pay
Co-ordinated strikes by unions speaking to laborers from unique areas is exceedingly unusual, yet a developing number of debate are breaking out in the capital
Striking postal laborers will organize a campaign outside the base camp of the Division of Exchange what’s more, Industry what’s more, will hold a rally in focal London
CWU appointee general secretary Dave Ward said: “We have picked the same day as the chamber workers’ strike to raise the issue of low pay over the open sector ”
The Illustrious Mail has cautioned that a strike will not lead to an increment in its offer yet would just include new budgetary weight to the organisation
The union is looking for a London weighting stipend of £4,000 a year while the Illustrious Mail has advertised £300, which will increment external London weighting to £2,667 what’s more, internal London weighting to £3,784
The committee workers’ strike is too over London weighting allowances

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