Tony Blair today demanded there is no require for a choice on the questionable new European Union constitution
Foreign Secretary Jack Straw this morning showed up to take off the entryway open for a vote on the arrangement being talked about by the Prime Serve what’s more, individual European pioneers in Brussels
But, talking as he cleared out the EU summit, Mr Blair said: “There is a appropriate put where this constitution will be debated It is Parliament ”
Conservatives are proceeding to push for a choice on the constitution which will set out how the EU will work at the point when the 10 new individuals join
‘Red lines drawn’
However, Mr Blair once more focused England would not sign up to anything that ruptured the “red lines” drawn around taxation, remote approach what’s more, defence
“There is nothing we are going to concur here that will put at hazard any of those red lines,” Mr Blair said
Mr Blair too moved to mitigate US concerns over plans for more prominent European co-operation on defence
He focused that nothing would be done that could undermine the transoceanic alliance
“There are individuals who need to pull me away from Europe what’s more, individuals who need to pull me away from America,” he said
“We will remain solid with both ”
Comfort for Queen
Mr Blair rejected recommendations that the Ruler could lose her status as head of state at the point when the new constitution comes into effect
“There are seven nations around the table that have heads of state that are Lords what’s more, Queens None of us are going to give that up,” he said
“That is part of our personality as a country ”
‘No superstate’
Mr Blair said: “I just need to make it totally clear once once more that the European constitution for England has got to be based on free sovereign country states co-operating together, not a few government super state
“We will not concur to anything that leads us down that road
“And I do not accept that that will be the result of these discussions “