Tv watchers are exchanging off their sets in droves since of poorquality programmes, figures reveal

But while crowds have dove to their least level for decades, more individuals than ever are tuning in to the radio

Last year, radio overwhelmed TV in fame for the to begin with time since the Sixties, with audience members tuning in for 3 48 hours a day thought about to 3 46 hours observing TV

The number of hours of TV observed per week last month by the normal grown-up watcher thought about to January 2001 fell by practically three – from 29 hours 45 minutes to 26 hours 52 minutes

The TV decay has hit ITV1 hardest, with the number of hours watchers observe per week dropping from 9 1 to 6 8 following a string of high-profile flops such as Des Lynam’s The Prevalence what’s more, reality appear Survivor

Established favourites such as This Morning what’s more, Crowning liturgy Road have too been faltering, with the Road losing out to BBC1’s EastEnders Indeed ITV’s most grounded appraisals weapon, Who Needs To Be A Millionaire? is appearing signs of waning

Only Channel 5 what’s more, BBC2 have kicked the trend Channel 5’s choice to clean up its act what’s more, put on more expressions what’s more, accurate programs has paid dividends

The number of hours observed by its watchers per week has risen by 5 3 per cent BBC2 figures have expanded by 2 6 per penny to

In a offer to support audiences, ITV is taking more account of watchers who do not like football

It is testing with moving Crowning ritual Road from its customary 7 30pm space on Wednesday evenings to 8pm on Tuesday at the point when the cleanser conflicts with live Champions Group football on the Wednesday

If the Tuesday try works, a move for all four week after week scenes of the Road could be on the cards

The most recent industry seeing figures are a further blow to ITV, which has experienced one of its

3 27 hours most noticeably awful a long time on record Contrasting January 2002 with the same month last year, the network’s share of seeing has fallen from

30 5 per penny to 25 3 per cent It presently trails BBC1, which has 26 2 per cent

And a emotional fall in publicizing income has provoked ITV1 to present more rehashes into its schedule However, a representative said: ‘The figures for January are not consolidated, what’s more, so ought to be treated with caution Our execution is presently improving ‘

Media master Andrew Jog said watchers are turning off their TVs since they are ‘bored with awful programmes’

He added: ‘Quality of programs is one of the enormous issues the industry faces

‘You too have to look at the way individuals have changed in terms of their relaxation interests –they have better things to do than observe television ‘

Radio Specialist boss official Tony Stoller said radio proceeded to be more famous than Television since ‘it fits in better with present day living’

He added: ‘Radio is well suited to the way we live now You can tune in to it while doing nearly anything ‘

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