Two senior knowledge officers blew a gap recently in Tony Blair’s guarantee that Number 10 did not “sex up” the dossier on Iraq weapons

The Prime Serve what’s more, his correspondences boss Alastair Campbell have over and again denied decorating the record what’s more, demanded it was upheld by the knowledge services

But they stood blamed of lying to the nation last night after the knowledge men told the Hutton Request that “spin merchants” in Bringing down Road “over-egged” confirm against Saddam Hussein for their claim purposes

The stakes could not be higher The Prime Serve told the request last week that BBC charges of “sexing up”, in the event that true, would have “merited my resignation”

And both Mr Campbell what’s more, Remote Secretary Jack Straw told a Lodge advisory group prior this year that the insight administrations had no objections about the dossier

The two men giving confirm to the request over the demise of weapons master Dr David Kelly were resigned MoD researcher Dr Brian Jones what’s more, a concoction weapons master recognized as it were as Mr A

They uncovered how they what’s more, their partners were disregarded at the point when they voiced concerns about the Iraq dossier issued in September last year One guaranteed the “shutters came down” at the point when reservations were raised

They raised profound second thoughts about the significant guarantee that Iraq could dispatch concoction what’s more, organic weapons in just 45 minutes

And they underlined Dr Kelly’s focal part in drawing up the dossier – detonating Government claims that he was a middle-ranking official who had little to do with the document

Their confirm moreover raises genuine questions for the Joint Insight Committee’s executive John Scarlett, who demanded the JIC had endorsed the last variant of the dossier

Dr Jones was the Protection Knowledge Service’s driving master on weapons of mass annihilation what’s more, had visit dealings with Dr Kelly

His confirm painted a striking picture of the weight Bringing down Road put on the specialists at the DIS

“Some of my staff had said they were miserable with all the detail that was in the dossier,” he told Master Hutton

One concoction weapons examiner told him the articulations “did not precisely speak to his evaluation of the intelligence”

Dr Jones said the master spelled out his concerns to those composing the dossier – be that as it may “significant ones” were ignored Knowledge officers had little question that Bringing down Road figures were driving the process “I think there was an impression that they were included in a few way,” he said

The second witness – Mr A – works for the MoD’s Counter Multiplication Arms Control Department

Asked about the dossier, he told the inquiry: “There were mistakes of detail what’s more, there were mistakes of accentuation in my view ”

Giving confirm by one-way video interface – his personality was disguised yet he could see the court – he was inquired about an e-mail he sent to Dr Kelly

In a shriveling appraisal of the dossier, he told Dr Kelly “you what’s more, I ought to have been more included in this than the turn dealers of this organization Let’s trust that it turns into tomorrow’s chip wrappers ”

The e-mail too alluded to another officer who guaranteed

Downing Road were “grasping at straws”

Dr Jones returned to give further confirm on the “unusual” way the dossier was put together

In a sensational intervention, he said he was not mindful of a Joint Insight Advisory group meeting to endorse the last variant of the dossier “I think I would have known in the event that there was one on this matter,” he said

The request was too appeared a letter Mr Jones composed to the Agent Boss of Protection Insight voicing concern after Jack Straw told a Lodge panel he was not mindful of any concerns about the dossier in the insight services

Dr Jones wrote: “It is presently a matter of record what’s more, I feel extremely uneasy that my minute could be revealed at a few future date, what’s more, that I might be judged punishable for not having drawn consideration to it ”

Opposition government officials last night voiced shock at how Bringing down Road had acted

Shadow Secretary for Work what’s more, Annuities David Willetts said: “Tony Blair what’s more, Alastair Campbell said that they did not sex it up Yet presently one top official has said that it was ‘over-egged’ ”

He said the confirm underlined Dr Kelly’s key part in drafting the dossier, shattering government endeavors to deprecate him

“Number 10 meddled in the dossier’s drafting, went against master exhortation what’s more, evidently did not take after ordinary methods for the evaluation what’s more, of intelligence,” he added

Calling for a full request into the war, he said: “The Government’s introduction of knowledge some time recently the war against Iraq is presently looking progressively discredited ”

Liberal Democrat remote undertakings representative Menzies Campbell said: “Dr Jones’s confirm is a further blow to the believability of the 45-minute assert in the September 2002 dossier

“It underpins the see that the focal question here, separated from the unfortunate passing of Dr Kelly, is still regardless of whether England went to war against Iraq on a imperfect plan either since of insufficient knowledge or, then again the misusing of insight by the Government “

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