Until now, laborers asserting pay for push have been granted enormous sums

RANDY INGRAM, superintendent of a travellers’ campsite, was given a record £203,000 The 43-year-old, himself a traveller, said he endured manhandle from those utilizing the site counting being shot at what’s more, having a canine set on him

The open benefit union Unison, which sponsored his claim, said he had been incapable to work since stopping on wellbeing grounds in September-1997, the third superintendent at the site to do so The payout, in January 2000 – subsidized by the citizen – was more than 20 times his salary Worcestershire Province Committee did not challenge the case

THELMA CONWAY, a social worker, won £140,000 from the same board for push she said she endured while running a private home for grown-ups with learning difficulties
The 56-year-old guaranteed her life was destroyed at the point when she was cleared out in charge for 18 months after the director left She had been agent manager, yet felt she was not capable enough for the additional responsibility

Her compensation was expanded to £22,000, be that as it may she moved toward becoming discouraged what’s more, short-tempered after asserting she was working up to 80 hours a week

CHRISTINE BROWELL, a teacher, effectively guaranteed for push after being professedly tormented by her headmistress
Northumberland Region Committee advertised her a £100,000 settlement without conceding liability, three days some time recently her court case was due

The 38-year-old educator guaranteed the board fizzled to take activity after she to begin with grumbled in 1997 about asserted harassing by the previous head of Mowbray To begin with School in Manage Post, close Morpeth

‘LIZZIE JAMES’ – the covert police officer at the focus of the Rachel Nickell kill examination – was granted £150,000 pay for push caused by the case
The payout to the 36-year-old officer, who was utilized in a fizzled honeytrap operation to extricate a admission from suspect Colin Stagg, was almost ten times the sum advertised in criminal wounds pay to Miss Nickell’s child Alex, who was two at the point when he seen her horrendous kill on Wimbledon Common

The policewoman was off work for 18 months some time recently taking early retirement with an upgraded benefits in June 1998 after 13 a long time in the force

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