West Bromwich Albion striker Lee Hughes has been today confined on doubt of slaughtering a auto traveler who passed on after the footballer’s Mercedes impacted with another vehicle
A West Midlands Police spokesman, who declined to affirm the name of the captured man, said: “A 27-year-old man from Meriden, close Coventry, has been captured on doubt of causing demise by unsafe driving what’s more, falling flat to stop after an damage street movement collision
“He remains in authority at Little Stop Road police station in Coventry what’s more, is due to be addressed by officers today ”
Hughes is charged to have fled the scene of the crash, which happened in the early hours of Sunday close Coventry city centre
Police had been incapable to follow the 27-year-old yesterday, in spite of going by his home what’s more, reaching his employers
The most extreme sentence for causing passing by unsafe driving is as of now 10 years’ jail Falling flat to stop after an mischance conveys a most extreme punishment of six months in custody
Rear situate traveler died
Police say a silver Mercedes CL55 roadster driven by Hughes what’s more, a Renault Megane were in crash in Pickford Grange Lane
A Coventry man in his 60s, a raise situate traveler in the Megane, kicked the bucket from his injuries
His wife, who was too a passenger, was treated at Coventry what’s more, Warwickshire healing facility for a broken leg
“The male driver endured a broken pelvis what’s more, another male traveler too endured bruising,” said the police spokeswoman
Anybody with data about the crash is inquired to ring 0845 113 5000

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