Carl Reese, outrageous perseverance bike rider and 8-time world record holder, will endeavor to break the Guinness World Record for “Most noteworthy Separation on a Cruiser in 24 Hours (Individual).” The present record is 2,023.5 miles, set by Matthew McKelvey in 2014.

The whole occasion, including hone laps and also the 24-hour record endeavor, begins on February 24, 2017, and will be live-spilled at In the event that effective, this will be Carl’s ninth world record, so he has entitled the occasion “ProjectNINE.”

Carl will make the Guinness record endeavor riding a 1,649 cubic centimeter in-line 6-chamber motor visiting bike, bragging 160 strength. The occasion will occur at a shut circuit track in Uvalde, Texas. The track office is utilized to test the long haul solidness of a prominent brand of tires, traverses more than 5,000 sections of land, and incorporates a few distinctive street and rough terrain test track arrangements. Carl will utilize the external 8.5-mile oval track for his endeavor. This track is 3 paths wide, and is saved money in the vicinity of one and seven degrees.

Carl’s bike is furnished with a developed range fuel tank on account of the enormous size of the track, and absence of adjacent fuel stations. He will likewise be furnished with complex electronic correspondence adapt keeping in mind the end goal to keep up contact with his group all through the occasion.

Since this is a 24-hour endeavor, a noteworthy bit of the ride will happen oblivious. The track office needs evening time lighting, so Carl banded together with Glenn Stasky of Clearwater Lights in Rancho Cordova, CA to enhance his perceivability and enlighten the track in front of him. Glenn and his group outfitted Carl’s cruiser with two sets of their brilliant Sevina Drove lights.

The decision to utilize Clearwater Lights was not a troublesome one; each light delivers an astounding 7,500 lumens, giving a sum of 30,000 lumens past what the stock front lamp gives. A hand crafted optic and progressed electronic hardware extends the light a critical separation not far off. This will permit Carl to recognize risks on the track in enough time to keep away from them.

The group made an observation trip in January to assess the track format and to perceive what impediments would need to be overcome. The accompanying perceptions were made:

Given the tracks noteworthy size and relative disconnection, all provisions and hardware for this occasion should be acquired to the track transported by truck in transportation cartons.

Guinness authorities require no less than deceptive authorities at all circumstances. A rest and timing plan that takes into consideration consistent operation will be orchestrated. An extensive RV camper will be acquired to fill in as the war room for all planning and bolster work force.

All together for the group to accurately align the lights and facilitate the refueling procedure, a prerun will be made the day preceding the occasion.

There are no gas pumps at or close to the track, so a 100-gallon gravity-encouraged fuel tank will be used for refueling. Individuals from the bolster group will utilize three five-gallon fuel holders to exchange fuel from the fundamental tank to the bike’s seven-gallon stock and eight-gallon helper fuel tanks.

Carl’s group has built up a powering succession that will totally fill each tank at fuel stops with no flood. Extraordinarily created “brisk fill” valves will be utilized to control stream and accelerate fuel stops.

Around eight fuel stops will be required, and about 90 gallons of fuel will be devoured amid the occasion. The group themselves will be filled with gallons of espresso and many doughnuts.

Carl plans to go 2,400 miles in 24 hours, breaking the current record by 376.5 miles. The occasion begins at 3:00 AM CSTon February 25, 2017, and will be live-spilled on his site – make sure to tune in and give a shout out to Carl!

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