After a fruitful delicate dispatch in the Philippines and Austrailia last December, Blackbeard, the group behind Oppressed world: The Blood red War, has been getting many solicitations for discharge from clients everywhere throughout the world. To meet their solicitations, Blackbeard is wanting to dispatch in more nations beginning from Brazil in January. Particular dates and new amusement data will be declared through recently opened Facebook Page. Checkout their Page at

Oppressed world: The Blood red War has picked up footing ahead of schedule in Korea after it was reported that the amusement is being created by previous Obligation at hand idea craftsman, Kevin Baik, and Sharp edge & Soul diversion originator, Ryan Kang. It has been demonstrated by amusements like Overwatch that there are numerous gamers who are continually searching for something else, since many RPG’s construct their reality with respect to, fairly self-evident, the medieval period. The enthusiasm for another sort of portable RPG is developing among gamers. Staying aware of this pattern, Extend Oppressed world tries to catch those gamers with its translation of Science fiction RPG classification. Also, the designer has actualized profound learning calculation into their gameplay motor to figure out how gamers control and how abilities are being utilized. The calculation will adjust these examples to make the gameplay more serious and capricious.

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