Back Process is satisfied to report the 2016 Fund Process Brand of Incredibleness Program Grant Champs. It is a respect to recognize the business pioneers and budgetary foundations who have accomplished remarkable outcomes and exceeded expectations inside the Worldwide Money related group.

Fund Process might want to salute the 2016 Brand of Greatness Program champs and anticipate their proceeded with achievement. Every year, Fund Process searches out associations and people that contribute essentially to the union of economies and genuinely include an incentive for all partners. Announcing from the bleeding edges of monetary union. Back Process understands that best practice is to recognize the incredibleness inside the money related world. The brand of fabulousness Program intends to recognize and remunerate perfection wherever it is found in the want to rouse others and to additionally enhance their own.

Best Newcomer in Retail Bank Versatile Installment Albania 2016 – MPAY Albania

Mark Magnificence Business Managing an account Angola 2016 – Banco de Fomento Angola

Mark Magnificence When all is said in done Insurance agency Angola 2016 – Nossa Seguros

Mark Magnificence in Securities Business Argentina 2016 – Bull Advertise Representatives

Mark Incredibleness in Installment Arrangements Asia 2016. – AsiaPay

Mark Incredibleness in CFD Business Asia Pacific 2016 – OANDA

Mark Incredibleness in Business Protection Azerbaijan 2016 – Azerbaijan Modern Protection

Brand of Incredibleness in Keen Arrangements supplier for Banks and Business Belarus 2016 – Light Well Association Belarus

Best Vitality Representative Focal and Eastern Europe 2016 – 42 Budgetary Administrations a.s.

Best Strong Bank Comprehensive Fund Focal Just Republic of Congo 2016 – BANQUE CENTRALE DU CONGO

Mark Perfection CFD Business Cyprus 2016 – Easy Forex (Blue Capital Markets Constrained)

Best System Advancement Stage Czech Republic – StrategyQuant, s.r.o.

Mark Incredibleness in Money related Training Denmark 2016 – Tradimo Intelligent ApS

Mark Incredibleness in Electronic Installment Arrangements Denmark 2016 – Coinify ApS

Mark Incredibleness in Venture Fund Syndication Egypt 2016 – Banque Misr

Mark Brilliance in Center Managing an account Arrangements Supplier Egypt 2016 – Masaref BSC

Mark Brilliance in Business Managing an account Gambia 2016 – GTBank Gambia Ltd

Mark Brilliance in Resource Administration GCC 2016 – United Securities LLC

Mark Brilliance in Capital Markets Counseling Ghana 2016 – Temple Ventures Constrained

Mark Magnificence in Benefits Subsidize Suppliers Ghana 2016 – Frontline Capital Counsels

Mark Greatness in Microfinance Organization Ghana 2016 – FIRST Associated Reserve funds AND Advances Restricted

Mark Greatness in Portable Keeping money Application Guatemala 2016 – Banco Agromercantil de Guatemala

Mark Greatness All in all Protection Hong Kong 2016 – Chevalier Protection Co., Ltd.

Mark Greatness in Store Administration Hong Kong 2016 – Asia Outskirts Capital

Brand of Greatness Consultancy for Comprehensive Financing and Preparing India 2016 – MicroSave

Mark Fabulousness in Retail and Business Bank Italy – ING Italy

Mark Fabulousness in Individual Lines Protection Jordan 2016 – Arab Life & Mischances Protection

Fabulousness for Development When all is said in done Protection Jordan 2016 – Jordan Global Insurance agency

Mark Fabulousness in Renting Organization Jordan 2016 – Comprehensive Renting Organization

Mark Fabulousness in Retail Bank Kazakhstan 2016 – Kaspi Bank

Mark Advancement in Securities Business Kenya 2016. – AIB Capital Constrained

Brand of Fabulousness Consultancy for Comprehensive Financing and Heating Kenya 2016 – MicroSave

Brand of Fabulousness for Secure Information Administrations Kenya 2016. – The Duplicate Feline Gathering Kenya

Mark Perfection in Retail Bank Laos 2016 – International Business Bank Lao Restricted

Mark incredibleness in Land Advancement and Venture Administration Lebanon 2016 – FFA Land

Mark Incredibleness in Forex Exchanging Instruction Lebanon 2016 – Trust Capital Lebanon

Mark Incredibleness in Business Saving money Malawi 2016 – Ecobank Malawi

Mark Incredibleness in Land Venture Trusts Malaysia – Sunway REIT Administration Sdn Bhd

Magnificence in Development for Installment Specialist organization Malaysia 2016 – MOLPay Sdn. Bhd.

Mark Magnificence in Life coverage Malaysia 2016 – Prudential Affirmation Malaysia Berhad

Mark Magnificence in Monetary Consultative Malaysia 2016 – Standard Budgetary Guide Sdn Bhd

Mark Magnificence in installment arrangements Mauritius 2016 – Payment Express Ltd

Mark Magnificence in Resource Administration Mauritius – JurisTax Ltd

Mark Magnificence in Islamic Fund Consultative MENA 2016 – Euris Amass

Mark Greatness in Business Saving money Moldova 2016 – CB Moldova Agroindbank

Mark Brilliance By and large Protection Namibia 2016 – Hollard Namibia

Brilliance in Development for Extra security Nigeria 2016 – UNITED METROPLOITAN NIGERIA Disaster protection Restricted

Mark Brilliance in Resource Administration Nigeria 2016. – Asset & Asset Administration Holding Organization (ARM Hold Co)

Mark Brilliance in Retail Managing an account Nigeria 2016 – Union Bank Nigeria

Mark Brilliance in Managing an account Client Benefit Nigeria 2016 – Union Bank Nigeria

Mark Brilliance for Shared Store Supplier Philippines 2016. – Philequity Administration, Inc. /Philequity Finance, Inc.

Incredibleness in Development for Retail Saving money Portugal 2016 – BNI Europa

Mark Fabulousness in Retail Bank Proficient Administrations Portugal 2016 – Credirisk

Mark Magnificence in Corporate Saving money Qatar 2016 – Mashreq Bank

Mark Magnificence Settlement Trade House Qatar 2016 – Al Zaman Trade W. L. L

Mark Magnificence in Life coverage Russia – AlfaStrakhovanie-Life

Brand of Magnificence Program 2016 in “Fund Renting Russia ” – Europlan Russia

Mark Greatness Riches Administration Singapore 2016 – Phillip Securities Pte Ltd

Greatness in Development for SME Managing an account South Africa 2016 – VBS Shared Bank

Mark Greatness in Resource Administration South Africa 2016 – Argon Resource Administration

Best Resource Administration Chief South Africa 2016 – Argon Resource Administration

Best White Name Supplier South East Asia 2016 – Tradesto Partnership

Greatness in Development for Business Managing an account Sri Lanka 2016 – Pan Asia Saving money Organization PLC

Mark Development in Microfinance Innovation Sri Lanka 2016 – Pro IT Arrangements (Pvt) Ltd

Fabulousness in Development in Back Organization Sri Lanka 2016 – Citizens Improvement Business Fund PLC

Brand of Fabulousness 2016 in ” Best CSR Program 2016″ Sri Lanka 2016″ – Kanrich Fund Constrained

Mark Perfection in Protection Business Sri Lanka 2016 – Senaratne Protection Dealers (Pvt) Ltd

Mark perfection in new SME Back Organization Sri Lanka 2016 – RICHARD PIERIS Fund LTD

Brand of Magnificence 2016 in “Best Smaller scale Fund Specialist co-op Sri Lanka 2016” – Kanrich Back Restricted

Brand of Incredibleness 2016 in “Best Small scale Credit Arrangements Supplier Sri Lanka 2016” – Kanrich Back Constrained

Mark Fabulousness in Business Managing an account Suriname 2016 – Republic Bank Suriname N.V.

Mark Fabulousness New Reserve of Speculative stock investments administrator Switzerland 2016 – Skenderbeg Elective Ventures AG

Mark Perfection Retail Keeping money Taiwan 2016 – DBS Bank(Taiwan)

Mark Perfection in Resource Administration Organization Thailand 2016 – One Resource Administration Restricted

Mark Greatness in extra security Thailand 2016 – Thai Disaster protection Plc.

Mark Greatness OF Considering TURKEY 2016 – GARANTI Calculating

Best Forex Organization Turkey 2016 – ALB MENKUL DEGERLER A.S

Best Forex Dealer Turkey 2016. – ALB MENKUL DEGERLER A.S

Mark Greatness in Installment Arrangements UAE 2016 – Network Global

Brand of Greatness Best Land Speculation Organization UAE 2016 – Emirates REIT Administration (Private) Constrained

Mark Greatness Wellbeing TPA Administrations UAE 2016 – AAfiya medicinal building administrations L.L.C

Mark Incredibleness in Discount Managing an account Hong Kong 2016 – UOB Hong Kong

Mark Fabulousness in New STP Agent UK 2016 – Blackwell Worldwide Speculations UK (Restricted)

Fabulousness for Development in Retail Keeping money Vietnam 2016 – South East Asia Joint Stock Bank

Mark Fabulousness in Web Bank Vietnam 2016 – Vietnam Thriving Bank

Brand of Fabulousness in Social Business Western Europe 2016 – BNP PARIBAS France

Mark Fabulousness in FX and CFD Exploration Western Europe 2016 – JFD Agents

Mark Fabulousness in Retail Keeping money Zambia 2016 – Cavmont Bank

Back Process is a quarterly Print and Online Distribution giving inside and out scope and examination of the worldwide money related group covering an extensive variety of points from Business, Fund, Saving money, Innovation, Exchanging, Extravagance and the sky is the limit from there.

Through a blend of our print items and online media, Back Process contacts the top gathering of people in the money related world. The gathering of people incorporates Presidents, CEO’s, CFO’S and Senior Leaders inside Fortune 500 organizations, Significant Banks, Budgetary Foundations, National Bank, and People keen on the worldwide money related markets.

Experienced industry Columnists giving up to moment scope on a wide scope of subjects from the Monetary world, with commitments from business analysts to Pioneers.

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