In Healthwick’s fifth yearly rundown of the top of the line incontinence items, specialty brands like Serenity, Abena and Confidry day in and day out have risen as the most sought after items from 2016, alongside the reliable national retail mark TENA.

Healthwick is Canada’s biggest online shop for incontinence items, including grown-up diapers, spongy clothing, cushions, underpads and that’s just the beginning. Healthwick conveys more than 500 national brand and specialty self-restraint mind items in sizes XS/Youth to XXXL/Bariatric, all with quick, prudent direct-to-home transporting across the country. As one of Canada’s best-known online retailers in incontinence items, Healthwick’s yearly rundown of smash hits offers both buyers and makers knowledge into which items are inclining in the business.

1) For the third year consecutively, Serenity Premium Overnight Clothing tops the rundown as the top rated item at Healthwick. This greatest retentiveness clothing keeps on pulling in a dependable client base of guardians, who value the delicate, cotton-like material and solid leg elastics. It’s likewise one of Healthwick’s most famous free specimens, with new buyers depicting it as “the ideal answer for keep sheets dry”.

2) Confidry every minute of every day Grown-up Diapers have made a major bounce from tenth place in 2015 to second place in 2016, due to a limited extent to being one of only a handful couple of plastic-upheld items still in the market in Canada. Dissimilar to numerous greatest permeableness incontinence briefs which can be hardened and awkward, Confidry has a delicate, smooth external shell and pad like inward cushioning.

3) In third place is another Serenity staple for parental figures – Quietness All-During That Time Briefs. Like Confidry, Quietness ATNs are plastic-sponsored, giving a sentiment security against breaks. This item is particularly prominent with guardians of kids with extraordinary needs as it arrives in a wide size range beginning at XS, giving guardians a simple move from kids’ diapers to youth measuring, all at a reasonable value point.

4/5/6) Danish brand Abena enters Healthwick’s rundown of top rated incontinence items from 2016 by guaranteeing the fourth, fifth and sixth spots with the material supported Abena Abri-Flex Premium Clothing, Abena Abri-Shape Air In addition to Premium Briefs and the plastic-sponsored Abena Abri-Frame White Thwart Briefs individually. Like the other class pioneers, all these Abena items are most extreme receptiveness, offering a fit and elements that can’t be found in retail-level items, however at a slight premium for the wallet.

7) The new TENA Additional Defensive Clothing (as of late renamed in 2016 as TENA Extreme Clothing) is an unexpected passage on the success list in seventh place. This recently upgraded permeable clothing is unisex and the main thing on the Healthwick rundown to be generally accessible in stores and drug stores in Canada (in spite of the fact that it appears clients welcome the prudent and helpful direct-to-home delivery with Healthwick). Clients depict it as “exceptionally agreeable, cool and spongy”.

8) Serenity shows up in eighth place of the top of the line incontinence results of 2016 with the Peacefulness Slimline Briefs – another plastic-supported grown-up diaper with retentiveness like the Quietness ATN, however with a compacted center that give a slimmer, more prudent profile.

9/10) Adjusting the rundown of Healthwick’s Smash hit Result of 2016 are the TENA Super Briefs and the TENA Extend Super Briefs. While the TENA Super Briefs are recognizable from a year ago, the Extend Super Briefs are new to this rundown, and mirror a continuous move in the commercial center for buyers to pick more agreeable items that bolster a dynamic way of life while as yet giving ideal assurance.

A unique say was additionally made for a non-wearable item that simply missed being one of the hits of 2016 – the Uresta Bladder Bolster. This one of a kind thing originates from Canadian organization Resilia and is a self-fitting pessary that backings a lady’s bladder from the back to front, lessening or disposing of the impacts of light anxiety incontinence. This item won Shopper Decision Result of the Year – Incontinence in 2016 and will be one to watch in 2017.

Different items to watch in 2017 incorporate the InControl Grown-up Diaper – a component rich plastic-sponsored super sponginess selected brief from the Canada-based Rearz organization – and the new Win Overnight Clothing for Men and Lady – overwhelming receptiveness sexual orientation particular force ups that are breathable and fitted near the body for solace, at a monetary value point.

All items from Healthwick’s Rundown of the Smash hit Incontinence Results of 2016 can be discovered online at, offered with quick & watchful dispatching anyplace in Canada. Most items are likewise accessible as free examples when the client pays shipping.

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