On August 2, 2016, Mia Zara Rivas was determined to have Intense Lymphoblastic Leukemia. As anybody can envision, this was wrecking news to her folks. From that point forward, her mom has been close by giving her everything the consideration, while the father has been working various employments attempting to stay aware of the healing center bills. We need to utilize the chance of this occasion to have any kind of effect in the life of the young lady. We need individuals who care, to send her get-well cards, toys or make a video on the telephone to wish Mia well.

“Mia’s story is an unbelievable story that should be told. She is a young lady with a genuine affliction, and she has been extremely solid. Regardless of her condition, she has kept up an abnormal state of sprightliness, notwithstanding giving plan to her family and everybody around her. We need to make this occasion exceptional for her, and we trust you will go along with us,” said Eddie Guerra, A blood benefactor volunteer at the Youngsters’ Doctor’s facility of Los Angeles.

In spite of her circumstance, Mia is in high soul for the Christmas season, keeping everybody, including specialists and attendants glad at CHLA. Mia as of late had a lumbar cut/spinal tap & chemo session, which is not something any young lady of her age ever persevere. She should be home on Christmas morning with her family opening presents, rather than being trailed by screens and having blood drawn out.

“Mia has been a solid young lady. We are so glad for her, and we really trust that with God’s help and your supplications, she will make it. I need to thank every one of our companions, relatives, church individuals, devotees and emotionally supportive network for their generosity, inspirational statements and endowments. It would be ideal if you keep little Mia Zara in your petitions,” said Priscilla, Mia’s mom.

For more data about Mia Zara Rivas travel, please visit her GoFundMe page at www.gofundme.com/2hqsmhc4.

You can likewise take after her Instagram page to get the most recent data about her excursion at: @miazarajourney.

Different Approaches to offer assistance:

1. Send Mia a get well card.

2. Spread the word on Facebook & Instagram

3. Small Gift to her GoFundMe page.

4. Make a get well soon video/message for her and label her on it

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