Mozzie Style, LLC, a lady claimed organization headquartered in focal Oklahoma, as of late propelled another item called the Mozzie Scarf. The name “Mozzie” originated from the Australian slang word for Mosquito. This new item is currently accessible for ladies worried about mosquito-borne sicknesses. A late review by InCrowd demonstrated that 31% of ladies were stressed over the Zika infection, and 57% had travel concerns.

The Mozzie Scarf offers an additional layer of security in ranges that are regularly overlooked or disregarded when applying bug shower – the head, neck and face. Trendy, flexible, and agreeable – the Mozzie Scarf offers another alternative for those attempting to keep away from mosquito chomps and infections, for example, West Nile, Zika, Intestinal sickness, and Yellow Fever. Made of delicate, lightweight, and breathable material; every scarf incorporates an implicit bug screen to give an obstruction to the face and neck against mosquitoes and other flying bugs. The scarf can be worn around the neck as a chic summer scarf while inside, and up over the head (with the screen down over the face) while outside.

– Real no-see-um bug screen that covers the face and neck.

– Substance free.

– Lightweight, delicate, and breathable material.

– The bug screen offers most extreme vision and can be worn easily with glasses and shades.

– Reasonable at $19.99 each.

– Various hues and examples accessible.

“We need to help ladies wherever locate somewhat additional genuine feelings of serenity until an immunization or cure is found for mosquito-borne ailments,” said fellow benefactor Cindy Seeker. “We additionally trust the Mozzie Scarf does a considerable measure of good in the battle against the Zika infection here in the U.S. and everywhere throughout the world,” she included.

The Mozzie Scarf can be utilized as a part of an assortment of open air exercises including climbing, angling, planting, outdoors, or voyaging. Since the item’s dispatch in May, Mozzie Scarves have gone with preachers, honeymooners, and vacationers around the world.

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