Worldwide distributer – ACC Arte Scritta, in a joint effort with Mexican specialist – Dan Tartakovski, have made their aesthetic release of the 5 books of Moses called ‘The Torah Extend’. They need to share the vital messages of the Torah in the Jewish book to everybody around world and urge them to participate in interfaith exchange. At a restrictive introduction in the Vatican on February 23rd 2017 the Blessed Father Pope Francis got the main duplicate at the Biblical castle within the sight of famous identities i.e. Rabbi Abraham Skorka, Dr. Adolfo Roitman, Teacher Otello Lottini; extraordinary visitors; and the creation group.

The significance of interfaith discourse is its capacity to fabricate connects in the public arena. In any case it is confronted by different difficulties e.g. absence of lucidity, trading off religious character and mighty transformation. The mission of Pope Francis and his dear companion Rabbi Abraham Skorka, an Argentine Preservationist rabbi, is to defeat the boundaries to this exchange. ACC Arte Scritta trust that this Jewish book won’t just inspire individuals and reinforce their confidence, additionally to empower them to think about interfaith exchange, it’s issues, and the approaches to defeat them.

The introduction started with Rabbi Skorka’s initial discourse to his sacred sibling. He talked about parts of The Torah Venture, and its part in interfaith exchange. “Our dedication to the Jewish-Catholic exchange permits us to keep on having a profound and genuine kinship which we call fellowship.” Thereafter the 2 honest men held each other with huge fondness and love. Pope Francis communicated his earnest appreciation for the Jewish book and how this distribution is “the product of a “contract” between people of various nationalities, ages and religious admissions, who participated in this normal exertion”. A little gathering of Jewish and Christian youngsters displayed the Jewish book to the Blessed Father. They held the book before Pope Francis while he respected its beautifying spread, the delightful hebrew content, and the fine arts. Dan Tartakovski presented, with conviction, “Shehecheyanu” – the Jewish supplication for appreciation, to favor this uncommon and upbeat event. The introduction closed with Pope Francis welcoming every one of the visitors who went from 10 nations including Italy, Spain, Argentina, USA, Israel and the UK.

Inside The Torah Extend book there is a gift given by Pope Francis on September eighteenth 2016. It understands “I need to favor each one of the individuals who have worked in the generation of this Torah, which is the expression of God, that must join us in adoration for eternity.”

Inside each book there are:

The greater part of the 5 books of Moses.

27 lithographs of the work of Jewish-Cuban craftsman Baruj Salinas.

Basic messages about interfaith discourse in the book’s introduction are composed by the absolute most eminent identities in craftsmanship and scriptural reviews, which have been converted into English, Spanish, Italian and German.

An interesting Hebrew textual style composed by Jerusalem’s calligraphist Izzy Pludwinski.

A wonderful cover portraying the city of Jerusalem made of wood and nacre (pearl).

There are 126 releases of this book in which some of which are saved for the world’s most famous historical centers and organizations, and others are put aside to be obtained by private gatherers around the globe. The Torah Extend needs to share this Jewish book and its significant words to all national and worldwide groups, and venture its importance on present day life.

For more data about The Torah Extend, please visit and to purchase the Jewish book contact ACC Arte Scritta at +39 342 9163031.

About ACC Arte Scritta: ACC Arte Scritta is a youthful Italian-Spanish distributer which was framed by Ricardo de la Fuente and Maria Cecilia Braschi who have an affection and energy for all things which are made by hand without utilizing generic and exceptionally modern procedures, and value the aestheticness of the customary specialist.

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