Free maker, Suzanne DeLaurentiis, will have her yearly gifting suite in festivity of Honors week. The occasion will occur in Studio City at Dungarees Boutique on February 25, 2017 and will respect our country’s veterans. Superstar visitors and VIPs will take care of demonstrate their support for our overcome men and ladies that serve in the Assembled States’ Military.

Backers for the occasion include: Paradise & Earth Desert spring, Shading Evidence Developed Shading Care, Shine to Go, Wellnest, Chic Gourmet expert, Sweet Bottoms, Isotonic, Hot Golddigger, Vivians, Kombucha, among others…

In 2006, Suzanne DeLaurentiis Creations freely delivered the honor winning, tenth & Wolf, a mafia show in light of the examinations of swarm witness Joe Pistone, otherwise known as Donnie Brasco. Recorded in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the film featured James Marsden, Giovanni Ribisi, Brian Dennehy, Val Kilmer, Lesley Ann Warren, Tommy Lee, Flute player Perabo, Dash Mihok, and the late Brad Renfro, and Dennis Container. Some of her other autonomous film titles incorporate A Time of Sundays, Quiets Down and Kiss Me, Lost Upset, The Dull Vacationer, Dark Gold, Zone 407, Stone Markers, How Sweet It Is, and Covered Falsehoods. Suzanne is presently creating Pet Specialists of Atlanta. Her TV credits likewise incorporate Soul Fire Rising and Stone Markers.

Suzanne commits a lot of her extra time to veteran philanthropies. In 2010, Suzanne got a Honor Award from the Assembled States Military in acknowledgment of her administrations to veterans.

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