Pontoon One will be one of the main Ocoee Waterway youth gather stream rafting organizations to offer extensive gathering facilities. These housing are the ideal path for your gathering to top off a fun day of group expanding on the waterway.

Following a day of a portion of the best white water rafting in U.S., rafters can remain in one of two unique sorts of hotel that Flatboat One offers: a lodge style stop or a few campgrounds. Each is shockingly moderate and offers an awesome approach to invest more energy in the banks of the Ocoee Waterway.

The Hotel is a recently developed, completely aerated and cooled bunkhouse lodge. It has four bunk rooms that can house a sum of 43 individuals in individual beds, two washrooms, a vast regular room and a sizable deck with flame broils and open air tables. Beddings are given, yet your gathering should bring pads, resting sacks and towels.

In the event that your gathering would rather unpleasant it, Pontoon One has two outdoors regions that will hold a lot of little tents. You should recollect to bring the greater part of your provisions, including tents, dozing packs, ground fabrics, towels, water compartments, rubbish sacks, lights or electric lamps, matches and a flame broil.

“Pontoon One is wanting to construct a bigger campground that is booked to open in 2015, however until further notice, bigger outdoors gatherings can camp at the U.S. Woodland Administrations Thunder Shake Campground, found only five minutes from the station,” says Brent Rogers.

The Cabin rents for $15 per individual every night with a 17 man or $250 least. Campgrounds are accessible first come, first serve for $5 per individual every night with no base.

To save the Hotel or to take in more about whitewater rafting on the Ocoee Stream, visit http://www.raft1.com.

About Pontoon One:

Pontoon One is possessed and worked by siblings Brent and Dusty Rogers, who set out to make the best white water rafting background for youth gatherings, or couples, families, and companions searching for an open air whitewater experience. Flatboat One has a station situated on the Ocoee waterway, helpful to Georgia, Tennessee, and North Carolina. Rafting the Ocoee Waterway is an ordeal unparalleled by many drop pool streams. The Ocoee Stream gives reliable rapids to an exciting ride the entire path through. Hotel is accessible for those wishing to lease an Ocoee Waterway lodge, and Ocoee zip line visits, mountain biking, and enterprise races are likewise accessible for the valiant soul.

For more data, please visit Ocoee Waterway Rafting.

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