Space Addicts is a ridiculously fun and energizing enterprise that takes after the ventures of a cloth label pack of characters from their pitiful beginnings as blundering space privateers to similarly blundering intergalactic legends.

Ggreed, Puig, Margo and their Space Addict partners discover an uncommon substance that is far more prominent in worth than some other sick gotten pick up they could envision… Cheesecake! This baffling fuel, in any case, isn’t kept mystery for long. Ggreed and the group end up contending with the Russian Crowd, Abundance Seekers, Wiley Witches and even Between dimensional Outsiders for the renowned (and glowing) prize.

Through it all, the Space Addicts need to battle off a large number of loathsome animals, for example, crazy Zombies, disgusting Slugs, devious Dino-Monsters, horrendous Vampires, Purple Chimps and other nightmarish nasties. The race is on! Furthermore, the result is either unequaled riches and galactic control… or, on the other hand passing!

SK Funnies is the parent organization of Space Addicts.

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